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Dr. Akram Rafla, Periodontist in Worcester, MA
Welcome to the Worcester Periodontist Office of Dr. Akram Rafla.

Thank you for visiting the practice of Worcester periodontist Dr. Akram Rafla, the region’s primary specialist for Worcester and Central Massachusetts periodontics, dental implants, laser gum surgery and cosmetic dentistry.

We are caring and highly-trained team of dental professionals who really enjoy and take a great pride to the level of care we provide – and that makes a big difference to our patients. That’s why our patient’s and referring doctors repeatedly recommend Worcester periodontist Dr. Rafla for the best in Worcester periodontics.

We‘re a Worcester periodontist office that’s in step with your needs.

We create beautiful, healthy smiles by providing only the highest quality of care using the best and latest state-of-the-art dental technology.

Dental implants with Dr. Rafla will transform the way you feel about your smile. We believe that everyone deserves to smile, eat and socialize without having to think about their teeth. That’s why we’ve already helped over 15,000 patients with osseointegrated dental implants, making our office one of the leading centers for dental implants in the Northeast. Dental implants are today’s gold standard of care and the most conservative option for missing teeth, because they’re not only good for your health by protecting your bone, but they can give you the freedom, confidence and improved quality of life you desire.

Worcester periodontist Dr. Rafla also treats gum disease with the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP®) for less pain, less anxiety and remarkable results you simply can’t get with a traditional scalpel treatment. LANAP® is a gentle, revolutionary laser alternative that Worcester periodontist Dr. Rafla and his patients love because there is no cutting, no excessive bleeding, no stitches and no lengthy recovery. LANAP® is scientifically-proven to stimulate bone around your existing teeth for health benefits that last long after you leave our office. For treating gum disease, there’s really nothing quite like it today in Worcester periodontics.

Mission Statement

We are committed to provide our patients with excellence in Periodontics. We accomplish this by focusing on incorporating the latest technologies and techniques in periodontal, implant and cosmetic dentistry. 

Our commitment to clinical excellence is only surpassed by our dedication to patient satisfaction. We commit to fully informing our patients of their periodontal needs, to providing care in a timely manner emphasizing respect and understanding. 

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical and clinical standards. We pride ourselves on creating and environment that makes our patients feel comfortable and cared for.
Most experienced Periodontist in Worcester with over 20,000+ dental implants placed and a 98.5% success rate!

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